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Teletherapy Enables Medicine to Go Global

Technology is changing the way speech, language and hearing therapy is delivered and speech pathology graduate programs across the country are starting to incorporate therapy techniques via videoconferencing into their curriculum. Professor Gail Ramsberger, chair of the Speech, Language Hearing Sciences at the University of Colorado has taken steps to begin teaching graduate courses on how technology can provide treatment while also utilizing teletherapy to treat aphasia patients. Rambsberger is the resident expert on Aphasia at CU which is an acquired disorder of language processing that wreaks havoc on a person’s capability to create and understand sentences, phrases or even correct words.

Research suggests that the most effective treatment of aphasia patients are time intensive which require those affected to attend therapy sessions at a hospital for several hours a day 4-5 days a week. Ramsberger also recognizes the potential that telepractice has in helping to solve many of the health challenges around the globe. When people are unfortunate enough to have a disease or disability in an area where no expert resides, it used to be that they are merely out of luck. Now, “telemedicine makes treatment global” says Professor Ramsberger. For more information, view the entire article here.

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