The Nurturing Mom Versus The Strict Dad

Parents of a Child with Disabilities
Image via Achieve Guilford

When it comes to raising a child with disabilities, the parenting style that a mom or dad adopts is key, according to a new study.

Last month, a new studying on parenting released by Brigham Young University reported that a child with disabilities raised by a positive parent is more likely to be independent and confident than a child under an authoritative parent.

Tim Smith, Chair of the Department of Counseling Psychology and Special Education at Brigham Young University, says, “In households where positive parenting is applied, the symptoms and severity of the child’s disability are more likely to decrease over time.”

For new parents especially, the choice of whether a “nurturing mom” or the “strict dad” will be the best parent for your child is a haunting decision. The BYU study recognizes that parents of children with disabilities will be tempted to take an authoritative approach. However, according to Tim Smith, “research has consistently shown that the earlier and more consistently positive parenting is provided, the greater the child’s development.”

Source: Disability Scoop

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