Top 10 SPED Videos of 2015

Video production is a non-stop effort from PresenceLearning, whether for recordings of our webinars, videos of schools, students, and families, or demos of our services. Since the beginning of the year, educators, families, and clinicians have watched our videos 53,291 times, nearly 10,000 hours of total viewing time! If you are up for some binge-watching over the holidays, there’s no better place to start than our Top 10 most-watched videos of the year.

1. What is it like to be a clinician with PresenceLearning? Why do so many clinicians choose to grow their career with us? Find out here.

2. Learn how a struggling district in Michigan is turning around its special education program with online therapy.

3. Get the latest research about autism and Asperger’s syndrome from leading expert Dr. Temple Grandin. In this webinar, Dr. Grandin shares new insight and practical ideas for educators and parents and helps them understand why different strategies do and don’t work.

4. What does the latest brain research suggest about how we can individualize services, help these students pay closer attention to oral instruction, develop self-regulation skills, complete assignments on time, and meet their educational goals? Find out from neuroscientist Dr. Marty Burns.

5. Traditional therapy for those with autism is centered around eliminating “autistic” symptoms. Drawing upon decades of research and experiences working with families, Dr. Barry Prizant presents a “Uniquely Human” approach to help educators and parents better understand children with autism and help them succeed.

6. How do you instill a love of reading in early readers and help set them up for academic success down the road? Dr. Shari Robertson presents a collaborative approach that provides individual early reading experiences that develop literacy skills for every learner.

7. Meet Irazu. In her freshman year of high school, she suffered a brain aneurism and required intensive therapy to learn to speak and walk again. Hear her inspiring story.

8. Learn how a school in one of Los Angeles’s toughest neighborhoods is helping its kids succeed with online speech therapy.

9. When a Georgia district struggled to find enough speech-language pathologists to meet student caseloads, Allison Oxford,  Director of Instructional Support Services, decided to give online speech therapy a try.

10. Connor, a young boy in a rapidly growing Idaho school district, is just one of dozens of students receiving online speech therapy. Learn how it helped him overcome his struggles and begin to make friends.