Top 5 SPEDaches

What are your SPED headaches?It is no secret that special education directors, administrators and educators face unique and pressing concerns in a high-stress field. It is the goal of our SPED Ahead webinar series to take a hard look at these concerns, explore tough questions and share strategies to best address the challenges of both educators and students with special needs.

Over the past year, we’ve surveyed hundreds of educators on their top concerns. Staffing issues remain a top SPED headache, reflecting the national shortage of qualified SLPs and OTs. This was particularly true for rural areas, though not exclusively. Coordination between special education and general education was also frequently identified as an area that needs improvement. Though not a top issue, many respondents cited issues around serving students with autism as a pressing and growing concern. The overall trend, however, revolves around resources in general and the problems that result when resources are tight.

Top 5 SPEDaches:

  1. Staffing issues, including access to  SLPs and OT services as well as retaining staff
  2. Budgeting concerns and funding special education programs
  3. Lack of resources, including tools, materials, technology and time
  4. High caseloads
  5. Being able to meet student needs and help students succeed

What are the biggest issues facing your district?

The better we understand the needs of districts, the better we can continue to find innovative ways to alleviate SPEDaches, provide valuable programming to educators and  increase awareness of the problems districts face so that district leaders can ultimately share in solutions and resources that work. Please take a brief moment to share your major issues in this quick poll.