Turn Speech Therapy into a Halloween Activity

Turn Speech Therapy into a Halloween ActivityHalloween is only a couple of days away and this year it falls right smack in the middle of the school week. If you’re a teacher or SLP, the challenge is keeping your students learning while making sure they’re having fun. After all, how can you teach seriously with a classroom full of students dressed up as vampires and Transformers?

Luckily, we found a couple of ideas for speech and language activities from Katie, an SLP from Playing With Words 365, that are not only educational but exciting. Here are some of our favorites:

Halloween Bingo

What better way to use Halloween candy than as a bingo marker? Make sure to tailor the call outs for the game based on current classroom lessons. For example, if your kids are working on “wh” questions, incorporate some related vocabulary words into the Bingo game. Also, if your students are working on syntax, have them formulate sentences using these vocabulary words.

Scarecrow Memory

According to Katie, the Scarecrow Memory game is a fun activity that will help students work on color recognition and memory skills. To download the scarecrows, visit Preschool Printables and for fun, they have them in different colors.


By creating your own dominos with pictures from the Custom Dominos Maker site, you can use this activity to work on vocabulary or language drills. For fun, you can add numbers so that older students can keep score.

The amount of activities that are both fun and classroom-friendly are endless. Even if your child is participating in online speech therapy, these activities are easy for any parent to use.

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Source: PlayingWith Words 365