Turn Your Home into a Classroom for the Holidays

Image via Connections Academy Blog

Whether your child is preparing for a 3-week vacation from school or new to live online speech therapy, your home must not only act as a comfort zone but a classroom. With the holidays coming up, the challenge of keeping your child learning is very important, especially if they are in speech therapy. Consistency is one of the keys to achieving IEP goals.

Even if your home doesn’t have much space to spare, there are a couple of simply and imaginative solutions that parents can follow.

Here are some tips for parents to help them create an inspiring home classroom:

Your student’s learning area can really be learning areas—What about spreading out to small areas in a few rooms? You can set up the computer in one room and a desk in another. This minimizes the space you need to dedicate in any one room, and the change in scenery will help refresh your student during long periods of study.

The learning area doesn’t even have to be a “room”—What about turning a closet into your student’s working space area? A spare closet makes for a great all-in-one desk and organization solution. Get some plywood and 2×4’s, attach them securely to your closet walls, and you have a desk. By adding more shelving above the desk, your student’s textbooks, learning materials, and other school supplies are within immediate reach. Close the closet doors and school disappears from view.

Be creative as you build and organize your student’s learning space. – For example, think about building a desk to fit any space. Two filing cabinets with plywood or another strong flat surface across the top creates a simple desk solution. The filing cabinets provide organized storage for files, papers, books, and supplies. Make it a fun DIY project with your student by painting and decorating his or her new desk!

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Source: The Connections Academy Blog