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English Language Learner Issues Part 3: Tips for Gathering Information with an Interpreter

By Karin H. Koukeyan For the past couple of months, we’ve explored topics related to working with bilingual populations including

English Language Learner Issues Part 2: Best Practices for SLPs Working with Interpreters

By Karin H. Koukeyan As Speech-Language Pathologists, we work with individuals from diverse backgrounds. It is no surprise that

Determining Who’s Appropriate for Telepractice: Working with Kids with Cognitive Impairments

By Karin H. Koukeyan “Joey” is a five-year old student with Down syndrome, who is nonverbal and primarily uses

Top 5 Tips for Leading an IEP Meeting Remotely

By Karin H. Koukeyan The Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting is an essential part of the special education experience for

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