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WNBA Forward Tamika Catchings Talks About Attending Speech Therapy

SLAM Online has provided a great profile of Indiana Fever Forward Tamika Catchings in which she discusses growing up with a hearing impairment and attending speech therapy. Though Catchings is now known as one of the most powerful players in the WNBA and has won countless rewards, she was teased constantly in school.

As she says: “Growing up I was in speech therapy, had a hearing aid, braces, glasses and my story really starts with dealing with all that — wanting to fit in and be normal…I didn’t understand why I was made fun of so much. Whether it was my difficulties hearing or the way I talked, getting pulled out of class for speech therapy, or other constant things kids made fun of me for. Sometimes I wanted to give up but my parents wouldn’t let me.” However, it was Catching’s determination to overcome these obstacles that led her to play even harder on the basketball court. To see the full article, click here. For more information on Tamika Catchings and her story, click here.

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