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Comprehensive online therapy solutions for schools and beyond

Leading the way in teletherapy. Helping students thrive, everywhere.

  • Experience you can trust

    12 Years, 3 million sessions served, 1500+ licensed clinicians

  • Purpose-built Platform

    The tools you need – created by clinicians, for clinicians. Games, activities, assessments, and more.

  • Support when you need it

    Expert clinical, customer, and tech support teams

Reach children with needs, better

Provide special education related services for all

With a shortage of qualified clinicians, districts struggle to reach students with needs. Partner with PresenceLearning to increase your capacity, efficiency, and compliance.

Use collaborative technology to connect with students

Our modern teletherapy tools feel familiar to today’s students. Empower your clinicians to engage students in a live, collaborative environment. Tailor each student’s experience to their needs, goals, and areas of interest.

Headshot of Kate Eberle Walker

“The PresenceLearning team works hard every day to reduce the barriers to special education related services for students, to provide innovative, clinically-sound support for schools, and to create modern tools and training to support clinicians.”

Kate Eberle Walker, CEO, PresenceLearning
Happy and smiling student

Expand capacity, serve more children

Empower your clinicians with our platform

Give your clinicians a full digital library of all the assessments, tools, and resources needed to provide special education related services—removing the burden of boxes, supply closets, and inventory tracking.

Match the right provider to every student

Leverage our network of 1500+ licensed clinicians to scale your team—providing each student with a clinician tailored to their specific needs, language, and goals.

Integrate online services into your practice

Innovate for today’s needs and get the most out of your practice with secure, efficient, and engaging online therapy solutions. Reach more clients in a given day, and serve those who may not otherwise be able to attend sessions in person.

Get the support to deliver vital therapy services

Efficiently provide services including assessments by supplementing your staff with our network of 1500+ licensed clinicians.

  • Direct therapy
  • Evaluation backlogs
  • Short-term leave coverage
  • Caseload management
  • Compliance support
  • Bilingual students
  • Hard-to-reach children
  • Flexible work solution
Headshot of Mike Lowers

“PresenceLearning has met our needs and helped us to ensure that quality services are provided to our students. The use of their clinicians and their platform, by our own district staff, has been a ‘lifesaver’ helping us provide quality services to our virtual students.”

Mike Lowers, Former Executive Director, Central Kansas Cooperative in Education
English teacher having video conference chat with students

Discover flexibility, solve challenges

Schools: Attract and retain top talent

Our platform helps schools build modern teams by providing the ability to connect with students remotely. When schools also turn to our network of clinicians for support, they reduce caseloads and manage backlogs, which in turn may help them to retain their talented team members.

Clinicians: Change the way you work

Clinicians use our platform to gain the flexibility they need. Some integrate our platform into their own practice, while others join our network to work with children in schools. Some even do both!

Young adult smiling Asian teacher helping elementary student boy with laptop in computer classroom

Are you a provider?

Are you a provider?

Whether you’ve been practicing teletherapy for years, or are just getting started, we’d love to talk with you about joining our team!

Meet our Clinicians

Our platform empowers administrators, educators, and clinicians

  • Screenshot of PresenceLearning Platform

    Best-in-class technology

    • Synchronized, collaborative workspace
    • High fidelity sessions with crisp, clear video & sound
    • Dynamic camera & video modes
    • Teletherapy command center to manage sessions
    • Monitor & manage IEPs
    • Built to be FERPA & HIPAA compliant
  • Screenshot of PresenceLearning Platform

    Engaging content and assessments

    • Activities and games to personalize therapy
    • Assessments from top publishers
    • Activity queues to tailor each student’s experience
    • Ability to upload your own content & materials
  • Screenshot of PresenceLearning Platform

    Partnership & support

    • Online, self-guided professional learning modules
    • Clinical applications videos
    • Clinical workshops and office hours
    • Live in-platform chat support to keep sessions on track
    • Community connections with clinical colleagues

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