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Therapy Services

Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Services

We offer a range of solutions to help you meet the needs of your students at this critical moment.

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Clinician leading a therapy session from her office on her laptop wearing earphones

15.1 %

of children aged 12 to 17 years old reported a major depressive episode (CDC)

15.7 %

of children aged 12 to 17 years old made a suicide plan (CDC)

4.1 %

of children aged 12 to 17 years old had a substance abuse disorder (CDC)

Supporting student mental health and social wellness, together

The mental health crisis in America has become more urgent than ever. Partner with Presence to meet the rising demand for online mental health counseling and behavior interventions. Our modern teletherapy platform and network of certified mental health professionals offer a flexible, effective, and accessible way to address your needs.

Clinician meeting with a student with a notebook and pen in her lap

Presence can help you navigate uncertain times.

Resources for Your Counseling Staff

Be there for students across locations when they need help by leveraging our platform for remote or in-person therapy sessions, tools for assessing student needs, and curriculum for social wellness, coping skills, anxiety management and more.

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Mental Health Professional Services

Leverage the Presence network of certified, school psychologists, licensed social workers and counselors who specialize in work with K-12 children. Available for hourly usage or more coverage.

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Mental health services

We support a multi-tiered system for all students, including those with disabilities and those facing challenges such as anxiety, anger-management, bullying, or family changes. We partner with your team to ensure that you’re well-equipped to care for students, so each child can grow and thrive to their fullest potential.

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Expertise makes a difference

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Our licensed clinicians are highly qualified, experienced at providing counseling in a school setting, and eager to collaborate with your team.

  • Nationally Certified School Psychologists (NCSPs)
  • Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs)
  • Licensed Mental Health Workers (LMHWs)
  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs)
Learning coach for a virtual student
I am pleased with the progress you have made with my student. Since he has started with you, he has made two new friends, participated in multiple sleepovers and is doing a great job with communicating. This is the most social progress he has ever made and he has been in social skills therapy since he was 6.

Learning coach for a virtual student

Special Education Administrator
I was observing the social skills class and it was amazing! The kids are loving it! They are totally engaged. It is awesome to see...I seriously want to cry watching some of these kids having fun and doing amazing things that we never would have expected in September.

Special Education Administrator

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Enhance your counseling program

Get the support you need by partnering with Presence. Our licensed mental health professionals can serve as an extension of your team to provide therapy to students. And, with our platform, your own school psychologists and counselors can serve students wherever they are—in school or at home.

Caseload management

Relieve caseloads

Engage our clinical network to expand your team’s capacity and improve staff morale and retention. Presence clinicians can perform all caseload management, in addition to conducting therapy sessions.

Guide to Conducting Therapy Online

Therapist meeting with a patient in a virtual session from his home office

Track progress and understand goals

Simplify your workflow with our award-winning technology. Have all the reports you need at your fingertips—no more requesting reports or chasing down the right person or therapist. A Presence partnership means your data is organized and accessible in our easy-to-use, digital dashboard.

Clinician sitting at her desk thinking about her most recent therapy session

Expanding access to counseling in Texas

Located just over 30 miles northwest of Houston, Tomball ISD in Tomball, Texas is an innovative and proactive district that prioritizes the mental well-being for all of its 15,800-plus students in grades K-12. The district implemented a comprehensive multi-tiered system of support (MTSS), called the Behavioral Health System of Care, to help get to the root causes of students’ behavioral issues.

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woman and child holding hands walk towards school building

Expanding access in rural Virginia

Page County Public Schools in rural Virginia includes nine schools that serve a total of 3,200 to 3,300 students. Of those students, about 420 have been identified as having special needs, including behavioral mental health needs.

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exterior of school building

Reducing backlog in California

Pleasanton Unified School District is located in Pleasanton, California in the Bay Area and serves 14,500 students. About 9.5% of the student population is eligible for special education.

Read the success story
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