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Provider Spotlight: Carmelita K., M.S., CCC-SLP

For Schools

, By Claudia L'Amoreaux


Carmelita K., M.A., CCC-SLP, received her undergraduate degree in speech pathology and a graduate degree in communication disorders. In her spare time, she volunteers at a nearby hospital with her therapy dog.

How has the PL platform enabled you to help your students and schools?

Documentation is the most time-consuming part of the day in the life of an SLP. The platform has helped to organize the documentation process. I especially like the option to use the metrics and write SOAP notes right on the PL platform. The other piece that I found very helpful was the data collection capability—that you could just put in the information and it ticks off the actual percentage. You can write your notes in there and it all goes to the SOAP notes online. You enter it once and it sends it. So I like that a lot. The PL platform is doing the calculations for me toward the goal. I don’t have to sit and write that whole piece out. It helps to streamline it. I still spend time on it but the streamlining piece is big—when I’ve seen five kids and I’m trying to write up their progress notes before I move on to my other job, it’s great to just get it all done and it’s nice that everything uploads so I love that feature.

I also like the opportunity to peruse and do evaluations online, and there are a plethora of tests to choose from. I like the materials that are available. 

I like the ability to offer animations and emoji rewards. I found that one little guy with autism needed immediate feedback, so I like the fact that you have a button on the side that lets you give immediate animations and rewards. And the feature to be able to disable their mouse when they get click-happy is great. I use it when I need to get the kids’ attention. I find that to be very, very helpful. I also like the ability to add SMS reminders for families. 

How do you collaborate with teachers and other school staff?

I collaborate with teachers and staff members primarily through email. I encourage teachers and staff members to contact me via text, email, or phone calls. I started working for PL during the busiest time of the year, with schools in various stages of transition back in person due to the pandemic. Schools and staff are overwhelmed. I try to make sure the emails are succinct, professional, and friendly. It has been especially helpful to have a liaison that has been assigned from the school district to work with the PL therapists.

What advice would you give districts considering online therapy?

I would encourage districts to consider online therapy on a trial basis, especially districts that struggle with a continual shortage of therapists. While many school districts prefer in-person therapy, they may not be aware of how the mix of in-person and teletherapy can meet the needs of students and can assist with reducing staff burnout by reducing the burden for therapists that try to juggle a large caseload with limited support. We have all been there.

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