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The SPED Ahead Forum by PresenceLearning is a community and program dedicated to empowering school administrators and special education leaders to have open conversations about  ideas and promising practices that will help students with special needs thrive. With a series of free interactive special education resources and webinars, PresenceLearning seeks answers to tough questions in education and continues to push the  search for effective leadership strategies for addressing special needs students’ challenges for literacy skills, scholastic achievement and peer relationships.

Please note: We do not offer continuing education credit for on-demand webinars.

When it comes to legal topics, special education leaders and related services practitioners are always hungry for more! This summer, we’re unpacking a virtual picnic of meaty, legal topics like student behavior and mental health services. To carve up these hot topics into bite-sized nuggets, we have Julie Weatherly, Esq., a perennial favorite explainer of special ed-related legal issues, presenting…


Aha! Misbehavior is a Puzzle, Not a Threat. Discover the STOIC Framework for Behavior Support

We have overly relied on punitive, coercive approaches to solve the puzzle of disruptive behavior. But, aha! Creating a positive school and classroom climate is a needed change and the missing piece for encouraging better behavior and boosting student achievement. Join us as one of our nation’s most sought-after speakers will surprise you with new insights for big change. You’ll…

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