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Behavior & Mental Health

The Role of Trauma-informed Practices in Redefining Success in Schools

Mental health is arguably the single most important topic this fall as students head back to school. In the

Back-to-School But Not Back to Normal: Trauma-Informed Approaches to Student Mental Health During COVID-19

School districts are under pressure to develop trauma-informed programs for students but often don’t know where to begin—1 in

The Rise of Behavioral and Mental Health Needs Among Students

Educating the “whole child” is easier said than done. School administrators understand that academic growth is impacted by mental

SEL: The Real Skills for Success!

Helping at-risk students has become an increasingly complex job for special educators. Amidst the rigor of new curriculum standards

Lost and Found: What Works (and What Doesn’t) for Behaviorally Challenged Students

Trying to modify behavior in the typical reactive mode has not proven effective. Students who need help the most

The Autistic Brain

School administrators are seeking a deeper understanding and new strategies to serve a growing population of students with autism. An overburdened system and the Common Core’s emphasis on language and communications skills has created a sense of urgency to find the best approaches to giving them appropriate access to the curriculum.

Aha! Misbehavior is a Puzzle, Not a Threat. Discover the STOIC Framework for Behavior Support

We have overly relied on punitive, coercive approaches to solve the puzzle of disruptive behavior. But, aha! Creating a

Preventing Problem Behavior in Schools

Problem behaviors are symptomatic of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Learning how to better manage disruptive behavior is a top priority for school administrators, educators, therapists and parents. During this webinar, one of SPED’s most sought-after experts on classroom behavior management strategies will present a “Bio-Psycho-Social” perspective on the interaction of physiological, cognitive and social-environmental issues.

Social Communication + Emotional Regulation: An Environment for School Success

With growing concerns about behavior issues that disrupt the learning environment, educators are seeking new evidence-based strategies to help

Positive Behavior Strategies: The Real Road to School Climate Change

The use of reactive disciplinary approaches such as seclusion, restraint, and out-of-school suspension has gained much attention recently, with

Speech-Language & Occupational Therapy

Building Better Readers Through Early Collaborative Partnerships

Progress in creating literate learners is the cornerstone of education and a high-stakes yardstick by which academic performance is

Strategies, Innovations, & Interventions

Integrating Teletherapy Into Your Service Delivery Model Part One

Part 1 of a 2-part webinar aired on 7/16/20. PresenceLearning clinical experts, Kristin Martinez, M.A., CCC-SLP, and Stephanie Taylor,

Integrating Teletherapy Into Your Service Delivery Model Part Two

Part 2 of a 2-part webinar series aired on 7/23/20. PL clinical experts and school partners, Mike Lowers, Central

Tele-Assessment: What You Need to Know

With extended school closures in place, schools nationwide are grappling with questions about conducting eligibility assessments: Should assessment be

Architecting the Promise of Differentiated Instruction

A one-size-fits all approach to teaching has been giving way to differentiation, but not without challenges to make it

Making it Real: RTI and MTSS for Reading and Reading Interventions

A fundamental blueprint for student success in school and in life is the ability to read. Special educators especially

Getting Results with a Sustainable Multi-Tiered Support System

How effective is RTI in supporting students with learning and behavioral needs? RTI and the Multi Tiered System and

Uniquely Human: A Different Way to See Autism and Create Pathways to Success

Providing services for children with autism is a growing challenge. Special educators and families are hungry for advice and

The New Science of Learning: Effective Approaches for Older Students with Autism and Attention Disorders

Change agents — leaders in special education– are transforming ways to help older students cope with ASD, attention deficits

Beyond Behavior: Creating a Culture for Data-Driven Behavioral Interventions

Using data to make better decisions about student behavior is a cultural and environmental shift impacting special educators, administrators,

Topics in Special Education

Building Academic and S/E/B Progress for All Students

How do you structure a strong foundation for progress toward increasing academic outcomes and bettering school climate? How can

How to Improve Transition Results for High School Students with Disabilities

Transition challenges are top-of-mind for every special educator. How can we improve achievement for students with disabilities and prepare

Family Collaboration: An Essential Element for SPED Success

The need for better collaboration with parents has been recognized for years, yet SPED administrators have had little guidance

Come and Get It! A Legal Update on Discipline and Mental Health Issues for Special Ed Leaders

Bonus Q&A Podcast Your browser does not support the audio element. When it comes to legal topics, special education

Prepare for Impact: 3 Key Questions About RDA for Every SPED Administrator

For the first time since its announcement of Results Driven Accountability (RDA), the U.S. Office of Special Education Programs

Staying out of Due Process in Special Education

School administrators know: blunders can and do occur in the development and implementation of educational programs for students with

Results Driven Accountability: Where Were We? Where Are We? Where Do We Go Next?

The Results Driven Accountability (RDA) initiative from OSEP has unfolded over the past several years. Now it’s time to

Inclusion Is for Every Learner — Or is It?

Data confirms what all special educators experience. Our vision of inclusion has not been achieved, particularly for children of

Big Ideas in Neuroscience: Brains, Behavior and Engagement for Students and SPED Leaders

How brains uniquely develop impacts learning, social-emotional well-being and relationships. Understanding neurodiversity is essential for educators to create a

5 Easy Ways to Fail in Education

Special educators are feeling the impact of a changing student population and the heightened emphasis on the results of

Funding Resources

Leveraging ESSER Funding to Improve Student Access

The Department of Education (DOE) is rolling out eagerly awaited guidance about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

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