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Success Stories

Tiffany Gaines, Assistant Professor and Clinical Supervisor, Higher Education

"Students are engaged in the platform and excited to practice delivering assessments. As a professor, it's helpful that I can access a range of content, activities, and assessments all within one central platform so that I can show my students a variety of real life scenarios."

Tiffany Gaines, Assistant Professor and Clinical Supervisor

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Page County Public Schools

"We were apprehensive at first, but we did a lot of the training and the PresenceLearning team was great about making sure we had the right equipment. Our skepticism for using an online platform to serve students quickly turned into appreciation"

Ellen Biller, Director of Special Education for Page County Public Schools in Virginia.

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Pleasanton Unified School District

"I wanted to work with PresenceLearning again because I had such positive experiences previously and it really changed my opinion about teletherapy. I am so impressed with their services and the responses students had to teletherapy."

Jeni Rickard, assistant director of special education for Pleasanton USD

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Chatham County Schools

"PresenceLearning checked a lot of the boxes in terms of the needs of our special education learners, along with the goals and objectives of the Chatham County Schools special education department."

Melvin Diggs, executive director of Exceptional Children (EC) and Academically or Intellectually Gifted (AIG)

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Maine School Administrative District 75

"I had heard about PresenceLearning throughout the years, but I wanted to make sure my clinicians were the ones choosing which platform they’d be using. They tested various teletherapy platforms and ultimately concluded PresenceLearning was the best one for them."

Heidi O’Leary, director of special services for MSAD-75

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Townsend Community School

"Students feel very comfortable and productive during sessions. It’s great to see students enjoying services and making progress, and it is always huge to be able to provide them something to brighten their day."

Jill Hudgel, special education coordinator at Townsend Community School

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Lake Stevens School District

"We weren’t aware that we had an issue with our timeline for delivery of paperwork because we never had a psychologist with us long enough to catch it. It could’ve taken years to realize the problem if it weren’t for our partnership with PresenceLearning. Our PresenceLearning school psychologist was able to realize the problem and bring it to our attention so we now have a much stronger and more efficient system."

Debra Hay, associate principal at Lake Stevens High School

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Kershaw County School District

"Skeptical would be an understatement. I thought students would need in-person therapy to build relationships with their therapists and make progress. But, I was very wrong about that."

Lori Pate, Assistant Principal

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Tomball Independent School District

"Students’ cries for help often manifest as misbehavior, so our district focuses on restorative practices that get to the root of their problems. "

Dr. Michael Webb, Assistant Superintendent of Student Support at Tomball ISD

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Byng Public Schools

"Prior to PresenceLearning, I felt like students were being carried through the therapy process longer than they needed to be. Now, I feel like the needs of students are being met appropriately."

Sherri Coats, M.Ed., Director of Special Services at Byng Public Schools

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McDade Independent School District

"I realized PresenceLearning could solve our problems. I wanted to start right away."

Codi Kadlecek, Director of Elementary Education and Special Services at McDade ISD

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Norfolk Public Schools

"Our students are excited to attend their online therapy sessions. We were concerned with students staying on task during sessions, but they are really engaged with the online SLPs."

Mary Luhr, Director of Special Services at Norfolk Public Schools

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Medford School District

"It's a great service. It can absolutely work and we've seen great results. Students definitely make progress and it has lightened the loads for on-site SLPs. I wouldn't hesitate to say it is highly recommended"

Erika Bare, Special Education Teacher, Medford School District Office

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Central Kansas Cooperative in Education

"When we were faced with SLP vacancies in our districts, we knew we needed to find another solution to avoid increasing caseloads for our existing therapists. PresenceLearning provided us with that solution and helped us fill a much-needed gap in the special education services we provide."

Mike Lowers, Director of CKCIE

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