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Online Early Childhood Services

Extend Your Reach — Use Our National Network of Professionals

Live, Online Early Childhood Services

Live, Online Early Childhood Services

Why PresenceLearning?

Expand your ability to provide early childhood interventions and services to children ages 3-5 using our nationwide network of hundreds of fully qualified professionals via secure, interactive video. Gain more flexibility—our SLPs, OTs, and behavioral and mental health professionals are available to provide IDEA Part B services for young children ages 3-5, their families, and their care providers.

Children readily engage with their assigned clinician online, and published research studies show that online services are as effective—or more effective—when compared to traditional onsite therapy. Our clinicians work successfully with most children, including those with mild, moderate, and severe needs.

Providing early childhood interventions and services online enables your school district to:

  • Improve outcomes: Online therapy has been shown to be effective
  • Expand clinical capacity: Gain access to nearly 800 licensed, credentialed clinicians
  • Improve carry-over between sessions: We partner with the parent/caregiver/teacher to extend the impact of therapy between sessions
  • Increase family engagement: Caregivers, whether local or remote, can be an active part of a child’s therapy by logging in from any browser
  • Be more flexible: Schedule sessions at times that work for families and caregivers, and eliminate travel time
  • Gain insight: Real-time monitoring of progress on IEP/504 goals

How Does It Work?

Early Childhood Services for the 3-5 Age Group (IDEA Part B, Section 619)

When delivering Part B services, educational agencies often struggle to provide children with onsite speech-language therapy, occupational/motor therapy, and behavioral and mental health services. PresenceLearning removes this barrier by providing live, online services by fully credentialed therapists who are licensed in your state.

Sessions are conducted 1-on-1 or in small groups, and are individualized in accordance with each child’s IEP or 504 plan. Sessions can take place in either the child’s natural environment or in an educational environment.

What do school leaders say?

In my 23 years, I haven’t ever seen such amazing progress as I am witnessing with the PresenceLearning therapists.

Site Director with a State Department of Child Development Services

I, too, am excited for this partnership with PresenceLearning! This puts us right in the mix of the message our State Department of Education is putting forward: customized learning for all students and using technology as a vehicle to achieve that.

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