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Why PresenceLearning?

Since 2009, PresenceLearning has established a nationwide network of hundreds of fully qualified clinical professionals, including school psychologists who administer psychoeducational assessments. Our network of providers, including SLPs, OTs, behavioral and mental health professionals, and school psychologists have administered more than 6,000 assessments to date.

PresenceLearning partners with publishers to make the tests used in a psychoeducational assessment available in an online delivery format.

How do online psychoeducational assessments work?

Using the same techniques and materials as onsite evaluations, PresenceLearning school psychologists use our secure online platform to utilize a combination of direct student assessment, standardized assessment tools, student work samples, clinical observation (via webcam), records review, parent/teacher/student interviews, developmental/medical histories, and norm-referenced standardized rating scales.

Our online school psychologists start by participating in the assessment planning meeting with the school team to contribute to determining the appropriate assessment plan. Students are tested individually in a quiet, confidential environment, monitored by an onsite proctor who is directed by the remote school psychologist and has no clinical duties. The stimulus books and flip charts have been licensed from the publisher and collaboratively digitized by PresenceLearning. Students view the stimuli on the computer screen and respond just as they would in person. The student also uses a document camera that allows the school psychologist to observe students as they complete their responses in the booklet. Once the test is complete, the onsite proctor sends the student response booklet to the school psychologists who scores it and writes a report, which they then share at the eligibility meeting.

How do psychoeducational assessments work?

Which psychoeducational assessments does PresenceLearning offer?

The following list includes the most commonly requested online psychoeducational assessments conducted by school psychologists in PresenceLearning’s network. We regularly engage with our publishing partners to review and add additional assessments.



Social-Emotional & Behavioral

  • Gilliam Autism Rating Scale – Third Edition (GARS-3)
  • Conners
  • CBRS
  • BASC-3
  • ASRS – Autism Spectrum Rating scales
  • BRIEF-2

Adaptive Functioning

  • Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales
  • ABAS-3

*PresenceLearning is the only company authorized by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) to administer the Woodcock-Johnson IV remotely.

What does research say?

Click here for a research summary for Online Assessment Services including Psychoeducational Assessments

Adhering to Best Practices

PresenceLearning follows all best practices defined by leading psychological organizations, including APA.

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