Barry M. Prizant Family Collaboration Webinar | PresenceLearning

Barry M. Prizant, Ph.D.

Childhood Communication Services and Adjunct Professor Brown University


Glen McCandless

SPED Forum Executive Producer, PresenceLearning

The need for better collaboration with parents has been recognized for years, yet SPED administrators have had little guidance on how to develop successful family-professional partnerships. Parents often report being more challenged by insensitive professionals and confusing systems of services than by their child’s disability, but the focus of special education has been implementing therapies and measuring progress. Lack of full engagement with parents creates excessive time demands on special educators and sometimes leads to lawsuits.

Join a nationwide audience of special education leaders to learn the best approaches for collaborating with families in order to achieve better results from SPED services. We’ll provide practical tips for implementing family-centered principles, building trust with parents by listening and communicating more effectively, and by providing innovative supports. And, we’ll take your questions about this important topic. What you’ll learn from this webinar will make a real difference in the life of many families and spark higher productivity for your SPED staff.

Please note: We do not offer continuing education opportunities for on-demand webinars; however, viewers will receive a certificate of attendance.

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