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From Struggles to Speeches: How Representative Frank Wolf Overcame His Stutter

During his general speech at the U.S. House of Representatives this past spring, Representative Frank Wolf (R-VA) spoke about the importance of seeking help for stuttering. Rep. Wolf is composed and delivers his prepared speech so well that no one would suspect he stutters. Back in 2009, PresenceLearning interviewed Rep. Wolf about his personal experience

3 Key Metrics Every SPED Director Needs to Know

Are you able to easily answer parents’ questions about their child’s progress toward IEP goals? Do you know why a student missed a therapy session? Do you know how many IEP meetings are overdue, and for whom? Can you report, without a lot of deep digging, how many of your students are making good progress,

The Power of Play: “Floortime Therapy” for Children with Autism

The importance of playtime for children is a given. The benefits of bonding, having fun, and opportunities to learn new concepts, like sharing, are essential to the parent-child relationship. But how does it affect the brain? According to research conducted by York University in Toronto, playtime has the ability to help children with autism. Children

Avoiding the Summer Slide in Students with Special Needs with Extended School Year Services

“Knowing that my students are spending valuable time engaging with the best therapists available, and that accurate data is being collected, helps to ensure that our team has excellent information to consider when making informed decisions during IEP meetings.   The flexibility of working with PresenceLearning has enabled me to work directly with families and administrators

Common Core and the Role of Speech and Language Skills

The purpose of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is to ensure college and career readiness for all students nationwide. But this raises two questions: how is readiness defined, and how do we help every student get there? A Portrait of College and Career Readiness According to the CCSS website, students who are prepared for

“Changing Minds” Webinar Recap: “Preventing Problem Behavior in Schools” with Dr. Barry Prizant

This week, thousands of special education directors, coordinators, teachers and specialists joined Dr. Barry Prizant, a widely recognized, leading expert on classroom behavior management, for the Changing Minds webinar, “Preventing Problem Behavior in Schools: An Emotional Regulation, Relationship-Based Approach.” To listen to a full recording, click here. Defining Problem Behavior Dr. Prizant notes that conventionality

5 Tips from Dr. Temple Grandin

Autism expert Dr. Temple Grandin shared a wealth of insights on the autistic brain in a recent webinar with PresenceLearning. Full of sound advice, and at turns personal and humorous, Dr. Grandin’s presentation was as practical and no-nonsense as she is. Here are five tips to help your child or students with autism: Focus on

Changing Minds Webinar Recap: “The Autistic Brain” with Dr. Temple Grandin

Last week, thousands of special education administrators, educators, and parents joined PresenceLearning for its inaugural “Changing Minds” webinar, featuring autism expert Dr. Temple Grandin. During “The Autistic Brain” webinar, Dr. Grandin provided expert insight, practical ideas and personal stories to help special education leaders better understand the specific needs of students with autism. Dr. Grandin