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How to Run a Successful Private Practice Online

If you’re like many therapists, you stopped seeing clients in person when the COVID-19 pandemic started. Maybe you were just getting started in practice or maybe you’ve been practicing in person for years. But with the challenges presented by COVID-19, therapists everywhere were faced with taking their practice online or pushing pause on private practice.

The Benefits of a Hybrid Service Delivery Model

Quite a few students and teachers choose alternate online school settings—virtual schools. However, the pandemic forced many districts and

Provider Spotlight: Erin D., Ed.S., NCSP

Introduction I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. After I graduated high school in 2000, I moved to Kentucky where

Provider Spotlight: Theresa Boen., Ed.S.

Introduction I grew up in Colorado near where I live now. My parents actually live in the same house

Provider Spotlight: Jessica G., MA, LSSP

Introduction I was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, I went to school at what

Three Predictions for Special Education

Note: A reliable therapy platform (not videoconferencing) is key in a new and shifting world. As the U.S. begins

How States Can Open up Access to Teletherapy

Background Prior to the pandemic, practitioner and clinician shortages—especially in rural and heavily populated school districts—left students without access

Provider Spotlight: Sarah B., Ed.M., NCSP

Introduction I grew up in New Jersey and both my parents are educators. That sparked my interest in the

Provider Spotlight: Jennifer W.

Introduction Jennifer W., CAGS, NCSP, grew up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. She attended the University of Notre Dame in

Teletherapy: The Year Behind and the Year Ahead

This month we asked Kristin Martinez, M.A., CCC-SLP, clinical director, SLP & O, at PresenceLearning, and Stephanie Taylor, Ed.S,

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